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Serene Tree Delta-9 THC Pineapple Express "moonrocks" infused Flower 

Serene Tree Delta-9 THC Moonrocks "Pineapple Express" strain are submerged and infused with Delta-9 THC (Hemp Derived Blend) and Pineapple Express terpenes under vacuum for full penetration. Do you want to try the best Delta-9 thc inflused flower in the world? Check out our moonrocks and tell us what you think!

Serene Tree Pineapple Express Delta-9 THC Moonrocks "Flower" Details:

  • Hybrid Strain
  • Locally grown CBD Hemp Flower
  • Local processed Delta-9 THC extract.
  • Infused under vacuum
  • Contains 7 gram of our our proprietary Delta 9 blend of Hemp derived THC blend
  • Contains less the .03% Delta 9 Hemp Derived THC

Please note: due to State Laws at this time we are unable to sell Delta-8, Delta-9, or Delta-10 to the following states:
Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Utah, and Vermont If an order comes through from one of these states it will be canceled and your payment refunded.


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    Delta 9 hemp flower

    Posted by Dustin Jones on Aug 10th 2022

    It taste really good as I smoked it out of a pipe but I've actually got to get a torch these moonrocks are different most time it has keif on it these moonrocks we're very sticky almost like tree sap I'd definitely buy again that's for sure and as far as the high compared to regular delta 9 it's spot on. As far as it being real sticky to where I used my grinder and it was so sticky I used toothpicks to clean it out of the grinder