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Serene Tree Delta 9 THC Wholesale

Looking to join the legal Hemp seller's club and become a Delta 9 retailer with the best rated Delta 9 brand in America? Would you like to provide customers with the best Delta 9 products on the market? With Serene Tree's wholesale Program you can purchase the best Delta 9 products in the country such as Delta 9 carts, Delta 9 Moonrocks, Delta 9 Disposables, Delta 9 Wax, Delta 9 Gummies & More. Our product is all-natural and hemp derived. Learn more below about Serene Tree wholesale, fill out the form to start with us today!

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What is Delta 9?

Delta 9 THC is like the OG THC product that everyone is crazy about. It's been around since people figured out that cannabinoids were a thing. You can legally get your hands on this psychoactive gem in certain U.S. states only. Lately, folks are all hyped about the hemp-derived version of Delta 9 because it's making it easier for businesses to sell it. And guess what? At Serene Tree, we've got top-notch brands selling this cool product for you to check out.

A Variety of Delta 9 THC Products

At Serene Tree Wholesale we are your number one B2B provider of the best premium THC product available with fast & affordable shipping, lab certified & tested products, 100% legit and natural! Serene Tree wants to walk hand in hand with you in your new journey into THC products or partnering with you and your current business. We are a B2B Delta 9 THC provider with a huge inventory Delta-9 products, we offer a wide variety of product types for you to choose including Vape Carts, Disposables, Pre-rolls, Flower, Gummies, Wax (Dabs), Diamonds and Vape Juice. We inventory a wide range of Hybrid, Sativa and Indica strains and terpenes at a low cost price all available for you and your customers.


We Are THE #1 Delta 9 Brand & Will Help Grow Your Business

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Delta 9 wholesale pre roll

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Pre-rolls

Check out Serene Tree Wholesale Pre-rolls – they're like the perfect combo of chill CBD vibes mixed with the punch of Delta-9 THC. Your customers are gonna go nuts for our Serene Tree Delta 9 THC Pre Rolls. We take locally grown CBD hemp flower, cover it in THCA diamond dust and some seriously rich terpenes, then roll it up into cones. The result? A seriously potent and enjoyable smoking experience. Our new formula kicks things up a notch, making our pre-rolls the strongest you'll find online.

Delta 9 wholesale wax dabs

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Wax (Dabs)

Check it out – Serene Tree Wholesale is your go-to for purchasing bulk Delta-9 THC wax concentrates, also known as "dabs." Your customers know that Delta 9 dabs are the hottest thing right now, and? They're totally legal. So don't shut your customers out with this must have in your retail store. These bad boys blend the smooth vibes of regular THC with the chill effects of CBD, giving you an unforgettable experience.Trust me, you don't wanna miss out on these gems.

Delta 9 wholesale disposable vape

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Vape Disposables

Looking for wholesale Delta 9 dispos? Serene Tree Wholesale got you covered! Delta 9 Disposable Vapes are available for wholesale purchase, truthfully here at Serene Tree wholesale we think that the disposable delta 9 vape is one on the most simple and easy methods to get the excellent benefits of our THC products and Delta 9. Contact us today at Serene Tree Wholesale to get your customers in on the best Delta 9 disposable vapes on the market today!

Delta 9 wholesale tincture

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Tinctures

Check it out Cannabis retailers– we have Delta-9 THC hemp-derived tinctures and they're totally legit. At Serene Tree wholesale you can take your pick from our awesome selection of the best Delta 9 THC hemp-derived tinctures. These babies blend the smooth vibes of regular THC with the chill effects of CBD, giving you one heck of an experience. Serene Tree Wholesale has tracked down the finest best reviewed Delta-9 THC on the market, and let me tell you, Trust me, you won't wanna miss out on these for your shop.

Delta 9 wholesale vape cart

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Vape Carts

Cannabis retailers and shop owners, are you looking for the sickest Delta 9 THC cartridges or "carts" online? Look no further than Serene Tree Wholesale for your Bulk delta 9 carts! Our Delta 9 THC is not only delicious and potent but also handcrafted and pre-filled with love right here in the good ol' USA. It's the latest breakthrough in hemp processing, and now you can snag it at Serene Tree. Don't let your customers miss out, dive into the hype with some of the most affordable THC products.

Delta 9 wholesale gummies

Delta 9 Wholesale THC Gummies

Hey retailers and bulk oppertunists, looking for the best Delta 9 Gummies for your retail store? Join us here at Serene Tree Wholesale – we're legit, our delta 9 gummies are fabulous, and they're totally legal cannabis gummies. Serene Tree Gummies are sweet and delicious and get your customers that nice high.

Delta 9 wholesale vape juice

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Vape Juice

Hey there! At Serene Tree wholesale, we get that your customers crave variety. Our Delta 9 THC vape juice is a game-changer compared to old-school methods like smoking or munching on edibles. It's basically liquid cannabis extract made for vaping with a pen or vaporizer. This way is way more low-key and might even be gentler on your lungs. Looking for the top-notch Delta 9 vape juice for your shop? Well, look no further! Delta 9 THC is the newest gem in hemp processing, and you can snag it right here at Serene Tree Wholesale. Trust me, your customers will thank you.

Delta 9 Flower Wholesale

Delta 9 THC Wholesale Flower (Moonrocks)

Hey there, cannabis retailers and shop owners! Interested in stocking up on Delta 9 Moonrocks in bulk? Look no further than Serene Tree wholesale THCA Moonrocks – they're the ultimate choice for your customers! These bad boys blend the smooth vibes of regular THC with the chill effects of CBD, giving your customers an awesome option. We've sourced the finest Delta-9 THC from the market, grown organically and in small batches right here on our sunny SoCal farm. Each moonrock is carefully handcrafted, combining our top-notch Delta 9 flower.

We Provide Compliant COA's From Trusted Labs Showing Under .3% Per The Farm Bill So You Can Purchase Safe Products That Are Legal To Sell In Your City & State

Serene Tree Delta 9 Wholesale

Hey, listen up fellow cannabis connoisseurs and retail shops! If you qualify for Serene Tree's Hemp/THC wholesale program, you're in for a treat. Our massive Serene Tree product catalog is aimed at boosting your profits with the best certified legal Delta 9 (Hemp Derived) ingredients that'll keep your customers grinning from ear to ear. Consider us your one-stop shop for all things THC. Interested in learning more? Just fill out our simple contact form, and we'll hook you up with all the info you need – no strings attached. We've got killer deals for bulk orders and lightning-fast shipping to meet your customers' demands. Seriously, whatever you need, we've got your back. We're stoked to be the highest-rated brand online and can't wait to serve you and your crew. Don't hesitate – hit us up today and join the Serene Tree hemp fam! Get in touch now to kickstart your journey and meet your very own account rep!


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Serene Tree Delta 9 THC Wholesale Program

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