Dry Herb Vaporizers

Shop dry herb vaporizers with our huge selection of the best products and brands to smoke or vape your favorite cannabis or hemp flower. Starting as low as $22 to the high end premium devices, we have a great selection of dry herb vapes to choose from. Whether you choose a convection oven device or a conduction style device, we have the vapes, coils and tools to keep your dry herb vaporizer working like brand new, and the flower to make you fall in love with our company.


Dry Herb Vaporizers: How To Choose The Best One

Dry herb vaporizers or “vapes” have become incredibly popular over the last decade as cannabis has become more legalized in different states. Each dry herb vape provides its own unique advantages and with that comes a slew of questions that flood our brain with so that we pick the best one. Luckily here at Serene Tree we not only sourced some of the best dry herb vapes on the market, we even reviewed most of them on our YouTube channel. We found the best brands and manufacturers and got their vapes on our store for you to purchase, so that no matter what product you get, its going to be a legit product, not a clone, it will do the job of heating up your favorite cannabis flower and it will make you happy, which is what we're all about here at Serene Tree. Good, wholesale products that make you happy. 

Yocan Dry Herb Vaporizer

Yocan dry herb vaporizers are some of the most sought after vapes in the cannabis industry because of a few main reasons:

  1. Low Price Point
  2. High Quality Materials
  3. Reliable Vaporizers
  4. Good Customer Service

If you're looking for a specific brand to try out some of their vapes, we highly recommend Yocan as your start to your cannabis journey.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Our vote for the best dry herb vaporizer of 2024 goes to the Yocan Vane Dry Herb Vaporizer. This product has one of the largest dry herb chambers that quickly heats up your favorite cannabis flower, it comes complete with a quick charging cable, replacement ceramic mouthpiece and a host of safety features to ensure a positive experience.

How To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

The best way to use a dry herb vape for the first time is by doing the follow steps:

  1. Grind your THC flower with your favorite herb grinder
  2. Pack your dry herb vape chamber with your flower
  3. Ensure temperature or wattage is set to the appropriate temperature
  4. Slowly inhale with small puffs to ensure that you can acclimate to your new vape and measure your tolerance
  5. Refill your chamber as desired
  6. Power off your dry herb vaporizer
  7. Clean your dry herb vape with the appropriate cleaning tools so you can quickly enjoy your device next time

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer

A dry herb vape or “vaporizer” is simply a device that can heat up your cannabis flower to the point that it creates smoke for you to safely inhale and enjoy your cannabis & THC products in a safe and responsible way. We strongly encourage people starting out to utilize a dry herb vape so you can safely measure and test your tolerance rather than diving head first into smoking full pre rolls or taking a bong hit your first time. Any questions, hit us up!

How To Smoke Weed Without Papers

Using a dry herb vaporizer is a great way to smoke weed without the need for papers. All you need to smoke weed without papers are the following:

  1. High Quality Flower
  2. Dry Herb Vaporizer
  3. Herb Grinder

With these three components you can easily enjoy your favorite cannabis or THC flower without the need for rolling papers.