Delta Extrax


Delta Extrax Delta 8 | Delta 9 | Delta 10 THC & THCA Vapes - Disposables & More

Discover the excellence of Delta Extrax, where quality meets innovation in the world of hemp derived cannabis. Delta Extrax has definitely earned our attention and we're happy to showcase their top products on our website as this brand not only has serious branding ability and social presence but we here at Serene Tree care above all else about one simple thing: The quality and origin of the product that is created. All too often brands in our industry are just offshoots from some big conglomerate and don't spend any real time making their product better, attending to their customers and making an amazing consumer experience. We think Delta Extrax is one of the companies that truly stands out in our hemp derived world and we're happy to now feature them as an available brand on our website.


Premium Hemp Derived Products: Delta Extrax grows their own products, processes them and even packages them. We love companies that are truly hands-on with every aspect of their product, so we feel confident that as you shop their products from our site, that everything you purchase will be thoroughly enjoyed just as we have. Everything sourced by us is product tested, stoner approved. Welcome to the world of Delta Extrax.


Cutting-Edge Extraction Technology: At Delta Extrax, they harness the power of advanced extraction methods to bring you unparalleled purity. Their state-of-the-art technology preserves the natural goodness of botanicals, unlocking their full potential for your well-being.

Huge Selection Of Cannabis Products: Explore a diverse range of hemp derived goods tailored to meet your unique preferences. From soothing CBD to rare and exotic THC variants such as Delta 8, Delta 10, THCP, THCV, CBG, & HHC among many others. All lab tested and approved to be legally sold.  

What Is Delta Extrax?

Delta Extrax is a premium hemp brand with thousands of good reviewes between its lines of Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, THCA Products & More. Each product of theirs is filled with high potency levels of cannabinoids. If you're looking to sample some of Delta Extrax top products, we strongly reccomend trying out their Lights Out line as well as their disposables and gummies.