Delta Extrax Delta 9 Live Resin Gummies 250mg

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Delta 9 THC Gummies

The Delta Extra Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies are 250mg of ultra potent gummies that are covered in sugar crystals and delightful to the taste buds. Each gummy contains about 10mg of D9 live resin and are lab tested products so that you can be sure that the potency is up to par and that the product itself is high quality and safe to eat. Available in 6 fantastic flavors, try these gummies today! 

Delta Extrax Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies Details:

  • Live Resin
  • Delta 9 THC
  • 250mg Total Potency
  • 10mg D9 Potency Per Gummy
  • 25 Gummies Per Pack
  • Lab Tested
  • 100% Vegan Gummies

Delta Extrax Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummy Flavors:

  • Caribbean Cool
  • Pinkberry
  • Sour Strawberry
  • Peach Citrus Pomegranate 
  • Sweet Watermelon
  • Tropical Raspberry