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The Delta Extrax Goliath THC-P & Delta 8 Pods are now available in 2 gram potency. Each package contains two of these incredibly potent pods and contain cannabinoids such as THC-P, Delta 8, Delta 6, THC-B & HXY-11 Live Resin. With this wombo combo of incredible cannabinoids, theres no wonder why these Delta Extrax vape pods are flying off the shelves. Available in several amazing strains such as Hawaiian Snow (Sativa), London Pound Cake (Hybrid), & Berry Blue (Indica). Grab your THCP vape pods while supplies last, more features and strain information is available below. 

Delta Extrax Goliath THC-P 2x2 Pod Information:

  • Available In 3 Strains
  • Sativa & Indica Strains Available
  • Strain Composition: Delta 6, Delta 8, THC-P. THC-B, & HXY-11 Live Resin
  • 2 Gram Potency Per Pod
  • Contains 2 Pods Per Package
  • Compatible Only With Goliath Battery (Sold Here)

Delta Extrax THC-P Goliath Vape Pod Strain Guide:

Berry Blue (Indica):

Berry Blue is a relaxing strain that allows for a joyous end to your day featuring a sweet blueberry flavor profile.

London Pound Cake (Hybrid):

London Pound Cake is a indica dominant hybrid strain that provides a chill effect with earthy, citrusy flavor profiles to give you a yummy and relaxing experience.

Hawaiian Snow (Sativa):

Hawaiian Snow is a sativa strain that provides and chill yet uplifting effect and comes with flavor profiles such as citrus and woody, while still boosting your mood and providing an incredible smoking experience.