Wax Vaporizers

Wax Vape Pens: A Portable & Potent Way To Smoke

Wax vape pens are one of the most potent and portable ways to smoke your favorite wax dabs, Some wax vapes you can simply load with your THC wax and vape on the go, and enjoy the effects of your favorite wax vaporizer. If you're looking for a high quality wax vape, Serene Tree is your trusted source for the top brands on the market. We reviewed them so you don't have to.

Wax Vape: A Guide On How To Use Them

Every wax pen comprises three essential components: the battery, the heating chamber, and the mouthpiece. The battery powers the device, while the heating chamber contains the coil that vaporizes the concentrates. The mouthpiece serves as the pathway for inhaling the vapor. In most cases, wax vaporizers will have either a single button on the vape to push and allow you to heat and inhale your wax, and others may be draw to fire which just requires you to inhale from the mouthpiece. In whatever the case is for the wax vape pen that you desire, feel free to contact us so we can help you figure out your new vape vape pen.

Portable Wax Vapes

The biggest change in the last decade of cannabis is the portability of high potency cannabis products and their accessories. Portable wax vapes and wax vape pens are easy to carry around, fill and smoke your favorite wax.

THC Dab Pens: Different Terminology Of The Wax Vape Pen

Cannabis terms are used all around us and many times can mean close to the same thing, and it can be tough to decipher if you're using the right terminology. Whether you're trying to use a wax vape for things like THC concentrates, maybe a THCA diamond needs to be melted down or maybe you're even trying some high quality THC shatter, we have the tools and knowledge to get you on the right track. Users may refer to their wax pen differently depending on the specific concentrate they consume. If you have any questions about what types of products should be used with a specific wax vaporizer, then feel free to reach out to our expert customer service team so we can assist you.

  • THC Vape Devices:

  • THC Wax Pen

  • THC Dab Pen

  • THC Shatter Pen

  • THC Concentrate Pen

  • Wax Vape 

These are some of the top terms when it comes to talking about cannabis wax vapes. With new slang or variations created each day.

How to Operate A Wax Vape Pen

Loading the Wax: Carefully place a dab or wax into the heating chamber.

Power Activation: Press the button five times to activate the wax pen.

Temperature Selection: Depending on the device brand, press the power button two or three times to select the desired temperature or wattage setting. Lower settings produce more flavor, while higher settings generate larger clouds.

Vaporization Initiation: Hold the button for two to four seconds to activate the heating element.

Inhaling the Vapor: While holding the button, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Exhaling the Vapor: Hold the vapor for as long as desired before exhaling.

How To Keep Your Wax Vape Clean

Solution Preparation: Pour a purifying solution or rubbing alcohol into a small container.

Mouthpiece Cleaning: Submerge the mouthpiece in the solution, ensuring it's resistant to the cleaning agent.

Atomizer Cleaning: Soak coil atomizers in alcohol for an adequate amount of time, ideally less than 20 minutes.

Heating Chamber Cleaning: Empty and dry the heating chamber, then heat it to burn off any residual residue.

Periodic Replacement: Consider replacing the heating element or chamber periodically. New parts often provide optimal flavor and performance.

Electric Dab Rigs:


Electric Dab Rings rigs offer a superior alternative to wax pens. These devices provide more precise temperature control and larger heating chambers, resulting in smoother and more flavorful vapor. Basically, if you are someone that's really becoming interested in wax concentrates, then you should definitely be looking for a high quality dab rig that will last you a long time, and electric dab rigs should definitely be a contender for you. Wax pens and dab rigs have revolutionized the way cannabis enthusiasts consume concentrates, offering a portable, user-friendly, and discreet solution. With their ease of use and versatility, electric dab rigs cater to a wide range of users, from experienced dabbers to novice enthusiasts. By understanding the components, operation, and maintenance of wax pens, individuals can make informed decisions