Serene Tree 510 Vape Pen Battery

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The Serene Tree 510 vape battery is our newest addition to the Serene Tree lineup. Featuring 350mAh internal battery this fabulous battery that will work with your 510 thread cartridges will go the distance and ensure you have the smoothest results possible from your chosen THC carts. With features such as variable voltage, pre heat function, single button activation and easy micro usb charging, this device has everything you need to get going without any complications. 


Serene Tree 510 Vape Battery Specifications:

  • 510 thread vape battery
  • 350 mAh lithium integrated battery
  • Quick Charging with Micro USB
  • LED Battery Indicator: Red = Charging, Green = Fully Charged
  • LED Voltage Indicator: Green Light 2.4 volts, Blue Light 3.0 volts, and Red Light 3.4 volts.


The Serene Tree 510 vape battery is very easy to use! Simply click the button twice to engage the pre heating function. Three clicks for the variable voltage settings, and 5 clicks to turn the device on or off.