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Users report Indica strains give you a unique and different experience, featuring deeply relaxing effects, help with pain management, help with sleep, help with sedation, and a "good high" . Get the best Indica strain THC at Serene Tree

The Indica Strain

Does Indica Get You High?

When users talk about "Indica," they're usually talking about Indica dominant hybrids. The effects you feel are like a mixtape of factors as to how your body reacts.

Users report that can assist with intensely relaxing effects. It is also reported that it may also help reduce nausea and pain while increasing appetite. Daytime or nighttime use: Because of its deep relaxation effects, indica is typically consumed at night

So, if you're chasing a down evening in a chill sleepy atmosphere, Indica’s provide what has been called a “body high,” , ultimately it's about finding the right mix that vibes with you personally. Users report that Indica helped with nonmigraine headaches, neuropathy, spasticity, seizures, joint pain, and glaucoma. Users report their preference towards Indica for pain management, help with sleep, help with sedation, and a "good high." As always Serene Tree says go low (doses) and go slow, especially if you're using it for the first time.

Do You Feel Higher with Sativa or Indica?

Users report that Sativa's should be a go-to choice for that "mind high”, energy and it can also bring on some cool creativity. But, if chilling is what you’d like to achieve, Indica's strain is where you should land. Users report that Indica is your top relaxation aid, it helps in easing pain, raising up your appetite, and sending you off into sleepytime. Plus don’t sleep on terpenes – Users say they're like the secret sauce that Indica rolls with the relaxing ones, while Sativa's got the heady vibes.

So, if you're after relaxation and just want to chill your body users report Indica is the way:

  • Relaxation
  • Reducing pain
  • Sleep
  • Body High

  • Is Indica or Sativa Better for Inflammation?

    So, if you're dealing with inflammation and wondering which strain to turn to to between indica and sativa.

    For the chill, body vibes that help with muscle relaxation and tame inflammation, Users report Indica’s your go-to. It's like a massage for your muscles, especially handy if arthritis is throwing a party in your joints.

    Indica Strains for Sleep?

    So, what is the 411 on Indica strains and sleeping. Users say Indica is the ultimate relaxation strain. It's all about calm, making you feel chill and ready to hit the hay. Users say you choose indica battling pain, unwinding, and catching some Zs.

    Is Indica an Upper or Downer?

    Users say indica is can induce sleep – and Indica helps you take control of your sleep cycle. It's the one that can make you all cozy and ready for a good nap.

    Users in general say THC can induce sleep regardless of the strain. So, if you're wondering about your sleep cycle, and you’re using Sativa or Indica as usual go low and start slow.

    Serene Tree Indica Strain Terpene Legend:

    Godfather OG (Indica): Godfather OG is the highest potency indica strain winning many awards in 2023 for being one of the best overall indica strains amongst smokers and reviewers. This strain reportedly has delivered strong sedative effects making it great for late night users that want help resting.

    Lemon Cherry Gelato (Indica): Lemon Cherry Gelato is an indica strain with a great sweet/fruity terpene profile that reportedly has made smokers feel more relaxed or euphoric.

    Northern Lights (Indica): Northern Lights is a classic indica strain that has been extremely popular for a few decades now. Users have reported to us feeling very relaxed with an uplifting effect and a loss of stress.

    Wedding Cake (Indica Dominant): The Wedding Cake strain is a very earthy and sweet profile, great for a relaxing time (reportedly), this is a relaxed body feeling with mid level cerebral effects. This is a very popular Indica strain but also good for a near hybrid experience.

    Gorilla Glue (Indica): Gorilla Glue is one of our top selling strains. This heavy Indica strain has powerful sedative effects (reportedly) from our customers who continue to buy our Delta-9 THC Disposables by the dozens. This sticky resin-like strain is very powerful, smooth with a great taste.

    Ice Cream Cake (Indica Dominant): Ice Cream Cake is a blended strain born from crossing Wedding Cake and a Gelato strain. This Indica Dominant terpene profile has reportedly given users a mind and body high which has left them feeling relaxed and leaves sweet notes of vanilla and sugary dough on the aftertaste. For those that are of age and getting into hemp or cannabis for the first time, this is a very sweet and enjoyable strain to try.

    Granddaddy Purp (Indica): Grandaddy Purp! One of the first strains that we created and mastered for our own brand. Granddaddy Purp is a classic cannabis/hemp strain that has very deep purple hues and a sweet berry-like flavor when smoked. Great for relaxing at the end of the day, Grandaddy Purp is a solid strain for anyone looking to chill out and enjoy a good movie night in.