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Serene Tree THCA Wholesale

Looking to join the legal THCA seller's club and become a THC retailer? Would you like to provide customers with the best THCA products on the market? With Serene Tree's THCA wholesale Program you can purchase the best THCA products in the country such as our highly rated THCA disposables, THCA flower/moonrocks/pre rolls, THCA wax, THCA Diamonds, THCA Gummies & More. Our product is all-natural and hemp derived. Learn more below about Serene Tree wholesale, fill out the form to start with us today!

Serene Tree THCA Wholesale Diamond
Serene Tree THCA Wholesale Gummies
Serene Tree THCA Wholesale Gummies

Browse our assortment of hemp products and start working on your store today!

Why buy from Serene Tree?

Purchasing bulk THCA products from Serene Tree is an easy process, only a few short steps to complete. We make buying from Serene tree wholesale simple and fast, so you can get to selling your THCA product. So if you're ready for a fun and exciting journey into the growing THC buisness just fill out the application form included below and send it to us! Once we receive your completed application form, one of our wholesale representatives will contact you as soon as possible!

The Wholesale THCA market is blowing up, and here's why:

Serene Tree wholesale offers a diverse line of THCA products. We offer the best THCA in many forms: THCA flower, THCA gummies, THCA dabs, THCA disposable vapes, moonrocks and more! Serene Tree wholesale makes THCA more accessible than ever. We offer Quality certified, and lab tested products, outstanding personal account managers, customer service and information about navigating the regulatory landscape. So climb on board and start today with Serene Tree Wholesale, there are fantastic economic opportunities for businesses to create loyal customers as demand skyrockets. Need more? Folks are all about that wellness life these days, and THCA users report THCA is a great natural wellness product. The world’s industries are leaning more and more towards natural remedies, THCA's stepping up to the plate, offering a whole new world of possibilities for health-conscious consumers.


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Serene Tree THCA Wholesale Products

THCA Wholesale Pre-rolls

THCA Wholesale Pre-rolls

Our THCA pre-rolls are where it's at if you're after a great cannabis experience. We're talking top-notch made from the freshest Serene Tree flower buds straight from our awesome THCA strains. And guess what? Not only do we have the best THCA we've got a whole range of flavors and effects to choose from. Get some pre-rolls for your retail from Serene Tree today!

THCA wholesale wax dabs

THCA Wholesale Wax Dabs

Hey, check out our awesome THCA wax dab concentrate! It's seriously top-notch stuff you won't want to miss. We've got rave reviews on YouTube, and we're stoked to bring our high-quality THCA products straight to you. Take your pick from our various terpene profiles and Indica/Sativa strains. We whip up our THCA concentrate right here in sunny Southern California, and you can bet it's all lab-tested for quality.

THCA wholesale gummies

THCA Wholesale Gummies

Get your hands on some of the best THCA Gummies for your retail store from Serene Tree Wholesale – they're legit, super strong, and totally legal cannabis gummies. The THCA gummies can be considered the bad boys on the block because they are not only sweet and delicious but also pack a serious punch. Trust me, they'll give you one heck of a buzz.

THCA wholesale flower

THCA Wholesale Flower

Serene Tree wholesale has got this one-of-a-kind, all-natural flower that's packed with THCA hemp – you know, that stuff that turns into THC. Their THCA Flower is always 100% legit and compliant, so you're good to go. Get your hands on the best premium THCA Flower from Serene Tree wholesale and let your customers enjoy that legal THC high.

wholesale THCA moonrocks

THCA Wholesale Moonrocks

Hey Cannibis retailers and store owners, check it out – Serene Tree wholesale THCA Moonrocks are ready to rock your world! We've got nine awesome terpene profiles available, both in indica and sativa flavors. Our THCA flower is the real deal, grown organically and in small batches right here on our sunny SoCal farm. Each moonrock is handcrafted with care, combining our top-notch THCA flower with a generous coating of our premium concentrate (you get to choose your terpenes, too!). These babies aren't just any old smokeable hemp – they're seriously potent and deliver an incredible experience for your customers

wholesale thca disposable vape

THCA Wholesale Disposable Vapes

Looking for wholesale THCA disposable vapes? Serene Tree Wholesale got you covered! THCA Disposable Vapes are available for wholesale purchase, honestly here at Serene Tree wholesale we think that the disposable THCA vape is one on the most simple and easy methods to get the benefits of our THC products. Contact us today at Serene Tree Wholesale to get your customers in on the best THCA disposable vapes on the market today!

wholesale THCA diamonds

THCA Wholesale THC Diamonds

Serene Tree Wholesale introduces THCA Diamonds. Raise your customer’s cannabis experience to the next level. Get bulk pricing and all the purity Serene Tree THCA Diamonds have to offer. Our THCA diamonds are all sourced from in sunny Southern California and are painstakingly crafted to bring your customers an experience they will want more and more!

We Provide Compliant COA's From Trusted Labs Showing Under .3% Per The Farm Bill So You Can Purchase Safe Products That Are Legal To Sell In Your City & State

Serene Tree THCA Wholesale

Hey, listen up fellow cannabis connoisseurs and retail shops! If you qualify for Serene Tree's Hemp/THC wholesale program, you're in for a treat. Our massive Serene Tree product catalog is aimed at boosting your profits with the best certified legal THCA ingredients that'll keep your customers grinning from ear to ear. Consider us your one-stop shop for all things THC. Interested in learning more? Just fill out our simple contact form, and we'll hook you up with all the info you need – no strings attached. We've got killer deals for bulk orders and lightning-fast shipping to meet your customers' demands. Seriously, whatever you need, we've got your back. We're stoked to be the highest-rated brand online and can't wait to serve you and your crew. Don't hesitate – hit us up today and join the Serene Tree hemp fam! Get in touch now to kickstart your journey and meet your very own account rep!


Serene Tree Wholesale Phone: (760) 440-8171

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Find out how to save more as a first time customer. Call or fill out our form to be set up with your dedicated Serene Tree account rep and see how we can help your business grow with the best hemp in the industry.

Serene Tree THCA Wholesale Program

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