Delta Extrax Diamond Heights THCA Pre Rolls - 2 Pack

Delta Extrax
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The Delta Extrax Diamond Heights THCA flower pre rolls are a 2 pack bundle with a potency of 2.6 grams. With amazing potency, an incredibly pleasing earthy/floral aroma and great flavor, Delta Extrax THCA flower pre rolls came to impress and delight. This 2 pack of THCA pre rolls come with the option of  3 different strains ranging from traditional earthy tones, to fruity or citrusy. With the potency of the Diamond Heights THCA flower we do recommend that you start slow and wait about 30 minutes to see how this effects you. Light this baby up, take a few puffs and enjoy!

Delta Extrax Diamond Heights THCA Pre Roll Strains:

  • Blue Dream: Sweet blueberry
  • Gorilla Glue: Fresh Pine and pungent earth
  • Watermelon Kush: Fresh watermelon and bright grape

Delta Extrax Diamond Heights THCA Pre Roll Details:

  • Strains: Comes in 3 unique and desirable strains
  • 1.3 Grams Potency Per Pre Rol
  • High Potency
  • Indoor grown
  • Exotic Strains
  • Premium Flower