Serene Tree Weed & Herb Grinder

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The Serene Tree weed & herb grinder is laser etched with our Serene Tree company logo, features a zinc alloy construction for long lasting and durable use, and is also extremely lightweight with magnetic ends for ease of use and to ensure a good grind. Our weed grinder is 3 pieces and comes complete with a tiny cleaning implement to help get out some of the hard to get flower bits. If you're looking for a high quality herb grinder, get one of the very first Serene Tree official grinders! Comes in the color black. More color options coming soon! 

Try some of our world famous flower lines below:

Delta-8 THC Flower

Delta-9 THC Flower

Delta-10 THC Flower

THCA Flower

THC-O Flower

Enjoy the grind!