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THCA Diamonds are the purest form of THCA

Serene Tree THCA diamonds are now available and are 99% lab tested in their purity and each diamond weighs in at 3.5 grams. These legal hemp derived THCA diamonds are the purest form of THCA that's possible to produce and will give you the largest effects out of any hemp derived product on the market. Originating from our Southern California farm, our hand crafted THCA diamonds are of the highest quality because we pay the most attention to detail in their creation. From our very own farm, to our clean room for processing and growth of our diamonds, we have the most potent and purest product out there. Each THCA diamond is expertly crafted and placed within a diamond ring box. We think you deserve not only the best product on the market, but a presentation that no one else on the market has. We are making the committment to you to craft quality product and we are so happy to have you try this groundbreaking new product. Enjoy!

Warning: This is the purest form of THCA and will get you immaculately fucked up. New diamond users or cannabis rookies please do not take too much of this. Do not use heavy machinery or call your ex, these are not good ideas. You have been warned!

How Do You Smoke THCA Diamonds?

The best way to smoke THCA diamonds is by vaporizing them or dabbing them. Using a dab rig: Simply use your nail, banger, and a torch/dab tool to heat the nail and then scoop/press against the dimaond and inhale to indulge in the purity of the diamonds.

How Do You Vape THCA Diamonds?

Vaping THCA diamonds is by far the smoothest way to experience THCA diamonds. Find a vaporizer that is capable of holding our large 3.5 gram THCA diamonds in a chamber or find something similar to a nectar collector that will allow you to press a heated surface against the THCA diamond and inhale. Different forms of vaporization could include vape pens, tabletop vaporizers and e-nails. 

Can I Smoke THCA Diamonds With A Glass Bowl/Bong/Piece?

Yes! Smoking THCA diamonds from say a glass water pipe is a great way to indulge in THCA diamonds. For this simply crush a small amount of THCA diamonds into the piece then simply light it up as if it were flower or concentrate and inhale.

I'm An absolute fiend and want to try adding THCA diamonds to moonrocks!

Good for you! This may be the case for some of you that are true veterans to the craft and this is a great way to optimize your high. This is a very simple process of crushing some of your THCA diamonds up, and simply sprinkling them onto your moonrocks prior to heating/vaporizing. This will add a very pure and potent added zing to your next hit.

What Are THCA Diamonds?

THCA diamonds are the purest form of concentrate on the market. These THCA diamonds supercede the effectiveness of moonrocks, vapes, gummies and even traditional concentrate. THCA diamonds can be utilized and combined with other forms of THCA as mentioned in the sections above, however these are basically just crystalized forms of THCA and are within the highest forms of potency and purity that can happen naturally as ours stand at 99% purity.

How Pure Are Serene Tree THCA Diamonds?

Serene Tree THCA diamonds were grown, and processed into the raw THCA diamonds they are today from our Southern California farm and are currently standing at roughly 99% purity per our last lab test and 3.5 grams in weight.

How Are THCA Diamonds Made?

Using freshly frozen or cured cannabis/hemp material, making THCA Diamonds is done in a few different ways. When using frozen materials you get to keep the concentration at its highest possible levels which would be the live resin. After extraction the crude extracts go through a purging process to get rid of mch of the butane in the product. Once completed the seperation process is started and over long periods of time the seperation between the concentrate and or sauce occurs and within the container you start to see crystalline structures starting to emerge usually at the bottom of the container. This is done usually in controlled dark and cool areas to allow time to do its thing. This can take weeks but those that like to use solvents tend to speed up the timeline for this growth process. With a few extra steps at the end to finalize the product, you are left with a pure crystal THCA product with no terpenes left. 

What Strain Are THCA Diamonds?

As explained in our question "How Are THCA Diamonds Made?" by the end of the extraction and growth process of making Diamonds, the terpenes are no longer in the crystals and the Diamond itself no longer has a strain. The effects of THCA diamonds however we would describe as a very powerful hybrid effect from how customers have reported to us their effects.

How Do I Store THCA Diamonds?

It's always best to store THCA Diamonds in a very cool and dark place, these crystals are very brittle, so handling with care is always best practice.

How Do I Properly Dose THCA Diamonds?

To properly dose with THCA Diamonds, we suggest that you take as little as possible in whichever method you like best and waiting up to an hour before trying more. Some people take a very small amount of the diamond dust (not a portion of the crystal) and sprinkle a small amount onto a pre roll, their water pipes or other methods. But be very careful as this is the strongest THCA form in the world and should be respected. 

Check Out Our Video Covering "What Are THCA Diamonds?"

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  • 5
    Purest THCA Diamonds

    Posted by diamond hands mcgee on Feb 23rd 2024

    These are by far the craziest things ive ever tried. I'm used to wax but this was just a different level. Will come back for more, quality thca diamonds.

  • 5
    i wasnt ready lol

    Posted by tanner on Feb 20th 2024

    ive never even heard of these but i broke off a bit and dabbed it. wow. will take me a bit to get through all this but will buy again

  • 5
    Beautiful & Delicious

    Posted by JayCheech on Feb 6th 2024

    Absolutely love these Diamonds. They even added a little extra. You can see photos of them with the weight on my scale, in my recent Google review. These Serene Tree Diamonds are top notch 5 stars all the way. These are the dry solid type. Which is what I prefer. And by dry weight, you do get lots more compared to wet sauce types. Sauces are way more dense on a scale. ( Keep that in mind ) Not only did Serene diamonds make me feel great, they relieved my tendonitis pain big time. I tried them both with fusing bud flower and without. Worked great either way. Dang good delicious smooth thick creamy clouds. I recommend them! Serene Tree did hit the competition with they're beautiful display 3.5g gem crystal jewel box. Love that touch. At a very competitive price. Keep eye on discounts/coupons too! As I'm typing this. I just ordered another batch of they're diamonds and a batch of they're Grand Daddy Purp. Moon rocks! Keep up the great work y'all. Happy 420 folks ✌️ ? ✌️

  • 5
    THCA Diamonds

    Posted by chelsea on Jan 24th 2024

    i ordered the THCA Diamonds because i wanted to use some with my flower. I don't think i've been that high since college. will take me some time to go through but well worth it and would purchase again

  • 5
    This is the best experience to try

    Posted by Jacob on Jan 22nd 2024

    I thought this was too good a deal at 3.5 grams of diamonds for like 60 bucks but let me tell you this has been a really good deal. The fact that you can break this up with your hands (but it does get sticky and dusty on your fingers) without too much residue or dust on the hands if you don't smush them you can get a lot of salt grain size pieces and then just crumble them on top of your flower like kief or you can add them to your dabs. I suggest using around 480 degrees or 248.9 or 250 degrees celsius. These will melt at 475F but they leave a little bit of residue left so for full melt go warmer I personally like the 550F range so heat up your banger to 550 and put in your dab and your diamond and cheers. Remember these are pure THCA so there is no terpenes to these you won't get distinct taste profiles but upon vaporization these convert to THC *the good stuff* so I suggest adding these to your flower or your concentrates and not just vaporizing these on their own but you can if you just want to be high remember they're like 99% pure so you're gonna feel it with a small amount. Enjoy :D

  • 5

    Posted by Jim Barclay on Jan 4th 2024

    The diamonds are great but I am not a fan of the container. I have bought 2 now and both spill way too easily and you lose product out of the sides as it does not seal.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by John G Jeffries on Dec 29th 2023

    I’m impressed, I smoke everyday and I was skeptical of this but for the price I figured if it was a scam it wasn’t going to cost too much to learn. However to my surprise it is pretty good. I’ll order it again

  • 5
    holy crap

    Posted by dw on Dec 11th 2023

    this was my first experience with diamonds, and i was a little intimidated after doing some reading on these, but after having used these diamonds as a little extra touch to everything I smoke, I'm craving more. these have a very unique effect on me when added to my dabs. it's a really strong (and fast!) head effect, followed by pure relaxation. when you look a the price of other brands' diamonds, you'll immediately realize that Serene Tree EASILY has the best deal, and you can make that deal even better by using the code BLVDES at checkout - you'll get 20% off. order it. you will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    A+ diamonds

    Posted by Tom on Nov 9th 2023

    the thca diamond was super potent, it will last me a good while. really cool that they put the diamond inside a diamond ring case. 5/5 will get again