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Serene Tree CBD & Delta-8 THC Wholesale Program | 100% American Made CBD& Delta-8 THC Products | Fast Shipping

Serene Tree is proud to offer the best CBD & Delta-8 THC wholesale and distribution program of their finest products ranging from CBD & Delta-8 oils, vapes, isolate based vape juice, gummies, premium hemp flower, chocolates, health and beauty products and much much more. Basically if you need Delta-8 or CBD for your shop, there's a great chance we will have it for you in the quantity you want and at a price you'll love.

Any who qualify for the Serene Tree CBD wholesale program will have access to a wide selection of brands, a huge catalog of products meant to maximize your margins and products made with the best ingredients on earth to ensure your customer satisfaction is through the roof. Let us be your one stop shop for CBD & Delta-8 THC Inventory.

Curious to know more? fill out our simple contact form so we can send you some information at no cost to you. We offer amazing deals for bulk buys, and extremely fast shipping so we can fit your customers needs. Whatever you want, we got you.

Welcome to the Serene Tree hemp family!