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Posted by Serene Tree Staff on Nov 19th 2019

CBD For Dogs: A primer for your best friend | Serene Tree

If you’re considering CBD products for your furry friend, you certainly aren’t alone. In a recent surveyconducted by the Veterinary Information Network, 92% of veterinarians reported being asked about CBD by their clients on a regular basis. CBD products for pets have exploded in popularity in recent years and analysts are calling pet care one of the fastest-growing segments of the CBD market.

CBD products aren’t approved by the FDA and have no official medical use for humans or their four-legged counterparts. As such, little scientific research has gone into assessing CBD as a viable treatment for any specific medical concern. The science that does exist paints a pretty promising picture: one study published by the Frontiers in Veterinary Science journal assessed CBD as a treatment for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and found that out of 35 subjects, 80% of the dogs showed a marked decrease in pain and increase in mobility when compared against placebo.

While other uses are lacking in scientific backing, CBD has been anecdotally hailed as a natural treatment for: generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, vomiting, arthritis, inflammation, hip dysplasia, chronic pain, and more. Regardless of what ailment befalls your furry friend, you should always consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet a new supplement--CBD or otherwise.

So you bought a CBD product, but you’re not quite sure how much you should give your pet. When in doubt, follow the instructions on the packaging! CBD products come in many varieties, and one product can vary greatly from the next in concentration. You also have to factor in the weight of your pet and the severity of the symptoms you’re hoping to address. If you’re still uncertain, it’s best to start low. You can always gradually increase the dose every 5-7 days if you’re not seeing the progress you were hoping for.

CBD is non-psychoactive and non-toxic and hasn’t been shown to illicit notable side effects in pets. Don’t worry yourself too much about potentially giving your pet too much. While you do run the risk of wasting your CBD product, your furry friend will be fine.

What product should I buy?:
CBDproducts marketed for pets come in many varieties. CBD treats tend to be the easiest product to start out with because your dog thinks he’s just being rewarded for being a good boy. Capsules can be a more affordable alternative to treats and can be hidden in your pet’s food. Tinctures are often more difficult to administer because they are most effective when placed under your pet’s tongue, but they are fast acting compared to products that need to break down and pass through the digestive tract before they take effect.

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