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Posted by Ken Palmer on Apr 1st 2024

What are THCA Diamonds?


What is THCA Diamonds?

THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) diamonds are the most concentrated embodiment of cannabis you can produce or buy on the market. These pack a hell of a punch when consumed and they are quickly becoming a cannabis fan favorite. The reason for this is that they tend to be several times higher (by almost 2-3 times) in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration than normal cannabis flower or other products. Made up from almost completely pure THCA, these diamonds are rocking our socks off and we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

You’re not alone in your curiosity and wonderment over these delightful little beauties. As some of the newest cannabis products out there, their popularity has been rising faster and faster. It’s no shock to find out why. Smoked or vaped on their own, they will get you higher than you have been before. They can also be sprinkled onto flower or other cannabis products like prerolls to give them an extra-potent kick. The potency even goes above and beyond that of moonrocks, vape concentrates, THCA gummies, and especially raw flower.

Before you go out and splurge on THCA diamonds, however, we’d love to show you some basics of what to look for in high-quality products. 

What Do THCA Diamonds Look Like?


THCA diamonds look like crystals that you would find in a geode. Their color can range from a semi-transparent yellow/gold to a salt-like or clear white appearance. The color is a good indicator of the potency level but we’ll get into that later. Moreover, the diamonds can be together in a clump or as individual crystals. In some cases, you can even find them in a dust-like format.


What Do THCA Diamonds Smell/Taste Like?

During the production process (more on this deeper in the blog), terpenes are filtered out and thus, THCA diamonds do not have a smell to them. This can be a bummer if you’re accustomed to and enjoy the fragrant world of terpenes and the great effect they can have. Similarly, they also cannot be classified by strain. However, users have often reported that the high feeling associated with pure THCA diamonds is that of an extremely powerful hybrid strain. 

The smell can also be altered by putting additional items in with the diamonds such as oils, concentrates, or raw flower. Some users even use a material called “terp sauce” to alter the flavor and smell of the diamonds. Terp sauce is another type of cannabis extract that is made up of certain terpenes to give them a particular smell or flavor.

THCA diamonds look like crystals that you would find in a geode. Their color can range from a semi-transparent yellow/gold to a salt-like or clear white appearance. The color is a good indicator of the potency level but we’ll get into that later. Moreover, the diamonds can be together in a clump or as individual crystals. In some cases, you can even find them in a dust-like format.

THCA Diamonds Review

Now that you’re excited about this new and innovative way of enjoying cannabis, let’s talk about how to appreciate THCA diamonds. After all, learning more about what you’re consuming adds to the overall enjoyment. Check out our review on the new Serene Tree THCA Diamonds.



THCA Diamonds Potency 

Here at Serene Tree we take tremendous pride in delivering high-quality THCA products and THCA diamonds are no exception. Weighing in at 3.5 grams, these THCA diamonds are lab-tested and confirmed at 99% purity - giving you the clean and natural high you’re after.


These hemp-derived THCA diamonds are the purest form of THCA you can get and will give you the best effects of any hemp-derived product. Handcrafted from our Southern California farm, our THCA diamonds are of the highest quality, because we pay attention to every detail. All the way from our farm to our clean room where our diamonds are grown, we have the most potent and purest product out there. Each THCA diamond is expertly crafted and placed within a diamond ring box. Our team thinks you deserve not just the best product, but a presentation nobody else can match. 


How to Smoke THCA Diamonds

You can smoke THCA diamonds from traditional methods just like THCA flower. Whether it be via a bong, glass water pipe, or even a joint, you can smoke THCA diamonds either by themselves or atop raw flower or other concentrates. To do this, simply crush a small amount of the diamond into the piece and light it up like you were smoking THCA flower. Remember, THCA diamonds also go great as a flower topper or add them to another cannabinoid extract. Be warned though, the potency is extremely high and we recommend starting off with smaller amounts to gauge how much they will affect you.



How to Vape or Dab THCA Diamonds

This is where the magic of dabbing comes into play. (If you are unfamiliar with dabbing, our previous blog entry, Beginners Guide to THCA Wax Dabs, will help you understand the ins and outs of this consumption method.) In order to vape/dab THCA diamonds, you must first have a vaporizer or dabbing rig. You will then need to place a small amount within the device and wait for it to heat up before taking a hit. Once heat is applied to the THCA diamond, it is converted into the lovely THC we all know and love.


How to Dose THCA Diamonds

As with any new cannabis adventure, you must first know how to dose THCA diamonds. We recommend starting off with a small amount (less than a pinch) and smoking, vaping, or dabbing them on their own. It is also suggested that you wait a few hours after the first session before using any more cannabis products. This will help you understand what your limits are with this extremely potent product. After you have your bearings, feel free to enjoy THCA diamonds with your favorite strain of hemp for additional aromas and experiences. Always start slow and work your way up. Monitor how you feel and adjust accordingly. Have fun and experiment!


Are THCA Diamonds Legal?

In order to determine if THCA diamonds are legal in your area, you have to do a little research. THCA flower and other products are legal in areas where THC is not. This is due to the 2018 Farm Bill which includes a section that stipulates that if a cannabis product has under 0.3% THC concentration, it is considered hemp and not subject to the same restrictions as controlled substances. As with any cannabis adventure, however, you should check with your local standards and laws to ensure that you are enjoying THCA diamonds in a safe and legal manner.


How are THCA Diamonds Made?


Let’s start off by saying that this process can be hazardous and that it is recommended you only consume THCA diamonds that are made professionally and safely. THCA diamonds are made in a few different ways but they all start with freshly frozen or cured cannabis/hemp materials. Using the frozen method allows you to keep the concentration level at its highest possible which preserves the potency of the live resin. Then the extraction procedure begins with a purging process that gets rid of as much butane in the product as possible.

Then the process becomes a waiting game of a few weeks depending on the environment. While the substance is processing, it is kept in cool and dark areas that help speed up the procedure. During this time, a natural separation occurs and pulls apart the crystalline structures from the liquid terpene “sauce”. Once the cannabinoids have separated from the terpene sauce, the THCA crystal structures go through a final purge that removes the rest of the excess residual solvent. The end result is beautiful crystals free of terpenes that range from a white/clear color, which is the most pure, to a yellowish/honey hue. 


Will THCA Diamonds Get Me High?

Oh yeah! THCA diamonds will get you high…only after they have gone through the decarboxylation process (we cover this more extensively in our blog, THCA vs. THC: What’s the Difference?) The decarboxylation process converts THCA into THC by stripping the carboxyl (the acidic structure which is the “A” in THCA) from the THCA molecule and produces THC. 

This process occurs when heat is applied to the dust or crystals of a THCA diamond. This change in chemical structure allows the THC molecules to bond with the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This bonding leads to the euphoric feeling and sensations that we all know and love about THC.


What Are THC Diamonds?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) diamonds are one of the most potent cannabis products on the market. Recently, they have been exploding in popularity both with cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers to the game. Why is that though? Well, between the high potency, smoothness, and overall ability to be combined with other cannabis products to enhance the experience, THC diamonds are seen as the crown jewel of any session. Like THCA diamonds, THC diamonds are about 2-3 times more potent than raw flower and much stronger than traditional cannabis concentrates.

THC diamonds are also known as THC crystalline and are new to the cannabis world (relative to everything else). Discovered by accident in the 1990s, they have been rolling out to markets ever since. Of course, because THC is not legal everywhere, there are still limitations to where they can be acquired. 


How are THC Diamonds Made?

Much like our THCA diamonds above, this process can be hazardous and it is recommended that you only consume THC diamonds that are made professionally and safely. That being said, THC diamonds are made when live resin is extracted from raw cannabis plants using various materials. These materials include liquids, solvents, and a cold extraction process that also uses pressure to extract THCA out of the plant.

The extract is then purified via a methodology referred to as chromatography. This chemistry technique separates the components and leaves behind purified THCA. Normally, this is the same process for making THCA diamonds with one exception. Since THCA becomes THC when heat is applied, the last step in the process of making THC diamonds is to heat the THCA. While this is being done, the THC crystals begin to form giving us a gorgeous physical appearance and potent product. Much like THCA diamonds, THC diamonds are also 99% pure!


How to Smoke THC Diamonds

THC diamonds can be smoked in the same ways as flower or other concentrates. They can be loaded directly into a bong, glass water pipe, rolled into joints, or a classic piece. The most notable (and probably best way) of enjoying THC diamonds is via dabbing.


How to Vape or Dab THC Diamonds

The process of vaping or dabbing THC diamonds is quite simple. Simply grab your favorite vaporizer or dab rig and place a very small amount of the crystal or dust into the chamber. Then, begin heating the elements that will vaporize the material within your unit. We recommend taking small hits and waiting a few moments to see how much it will affect you. Everyone is different and even your everyday physiology can vary depending on the day. THC diamonds pack an incredible wallop and should be enjoyed in small amounts either on their own or with flower or other concentrates.


Are THC Diamonds Legal?

Yes, but with many, many asterisks. A good rule of thumb is if THC products and paraphernalia are legal in your area, most likely you will be able to find THC diamonds. A quick Google search will also reveal where you can get them and also help with your research for exploring these tasty little numbers. A very important note, THC and related products are not federally legal, and therefore you should exercise caution for where and how you consume them.



THCA Diamonds vs THC Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Much like our previous article, THCA vs THC: What’s the Difference? there are a few subtle but noticeable differences between diamond products. THCA diamonds and THC diamonds vary in their chemical structure as well as legal status. Here are the top 3 differences between THCA diamonds and THC diamonds:

  1. THCA in and of itself is an inert compound and its diamonds only gain potency when heat is applied, thus transforming them into lovely THC
  2. THCA diamonds are not listed as a controlled substance federally and are legal to possess and consume (this can vary from location to location so please exercise caution when shopping)
  3. THC diamonds offer more consumption methods such as edibles since they have undergone the decarboxylation process

So what are you waiting for? Your next great cannabis adventure awaits you and will take you to places you only thought were possible!

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