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Serene Tree Delta 9 Pre Rolls

Are now available in nine different terpene profiles. The delightful benefits of hemp derived Delta 9 flower come to you from our organic and small batch processes that incorporate our world class hemp flower that we cultivated right here on our farm in sunny Southern California. These Serene Tree Delta 9 Pre-rolls are hand rolled and infused with Delta 9 concentrate (9 Differenet Terpenes Options) along the outside of the pre roll via a healthy drizzle of D9 (twax) for an even and long lasting burn and finishing it off with a hand coating of kief to deliver something truly incredible to be delivered to your doorstep. This Pre-roll is one of the best reviewed Delta 9 pre rolls on the market! Get you and your friends some today!

Serene Tree Delta 9 Pre Roll Terpene Profiles:

  • Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)
  • Sour Diesel (Sativa)
  • Green Crack (Sativa)
  • Gorilla Glue (Indica) (Best Seller)
  • Ice Cream Cake (Indica Dominant)
  • OG Kush (Sativa Hybrid)
  • Pineapple Express (Sativa)
  • Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Granddaddy Purp (Indica)

Serene Tree Delta 9 Pre Rolls - 9 Flavors (1 Gram):

  • Locally grown CBD Hemp Flower
  • Local processed Delta-9 extract.
  • Hand rolled in an ultra-cleanroom.
  • Contains 1 gram of our our proprietary Delta 9 blend of Hemp derived THC
  • Contains 0.25 grams of Delta-9 Extract per pre-roll (Hemp Derived Blend)
  • Contains less the .03% Delta 9 Hemp Derived THC
  • Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Strains Available

Please note: due to State Laws at this time we are unable to sell Delta-8, Delta-9, or Delta-10 to the following states:
Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Utah, and Vermont If an order comes through from one of these states it will be canceled and your payment refunded.

What Are Delta 9 Pre Rolls? 

Delta-9 pre rolls are hemp derived products that contain Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9 THC), one of the primary psychoactive compounds found in marijuana. These pre rolls are typically filled with hemp flower or a blend of strains that have been bred or selected for their Delta-9 THC content. When smoked or consumed, Delta-9 THC produces the classic "high" associated with cannabis use, leading to altered perception, relaxation, and potential therapeutic effects. It's important to note that the legality and regulations surrounding Delta-9 THC products vary by location.