Guide: Delta-8 THC Cartridges | Best Way To Vape THC & Where to Find D8 Carts

Sep 13th 2021

Guide: Delta-8 THC Cartridges | Best Way To Vape THC & Where to Find D8 Carts

Best Delta-8 Vape Cartridges: Better than Wax or Vape Juice? Where to find


Delta-8 THC Oil Cartridges or "carts" can be one of the best ways to try Delta-8 THC, no matter if you are brand new to Cannabis products or a seasoned veteran. But with so many different D8 products hitting the market, how can you be sure which one is best for you? Let's talk about some of the different ways to try delta-8 THC and why we think carts are best!

What is a Delta-8 THC Cartridge?

Delta 8 THC is a clearer-headed, less intense version of its more commonly known cousin Delta 9 THC. Many people are making the switch to Delta 8 because of the lower intensity. Get nausea reducing, appetite encouraging, relaxation properties; without feeling the anxiety or paranoia. Your average D8 cart comes loaded with either full spectrum delta-8 extract or pure delta-8 distillate and an atomizer very similar to many current vaping devices. Delta-8 distillates are very thick and often require a thinning agent to be able to be adequately atomized. A few of the most common thinning agents include natural terpenes and e-liquid bases (PG-Propylene Glycol/VG-Vegetable Glycerin).

These cartridges fit standard 510 vape pens that you can find easily online or at your local vape shop. These batteries are rechargeable, come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. But your basic non-adjustable battery will do you just fine.

What are the differences in Delta 8 Cartridges?

We briefly touched on this above, but the main differences in the cartridge will be the type of concentrate used inside. Let's talk about the differences between a distillate concentrate and a full-spectrum concentrate.

Distillate Delta-8 THC: Refined to pure delta-8 THC with no additional cannabinoids. The distillate may be thinned with PG/VG and/or natural terpenes.

Full Spectrum Delta-8 THC: Will contain 80-90% of total hemp cannabinoids. Delta-8 is the primary cannabinoid and most abundant. Still, it will get the additional benefits and entourage effect from the other cannabinoids(CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, etc.) present. Generally does not need thinning, but natural terpenes often present for flavor.

Full Spectrum means that it is full of additional cannabinoids, and distillate is not. There are big fans of both distillate and full-spectrum extracts; both choices will work great.

Cartridges can come in a few different packages and styles, but the majority are all pretty similar. The most notable differences being tip shape, tip material (plastic, metal), coil type. Some people prefer the plastic tip over the metal tip due to the potential of bumping your teeth. While coils vary from brand to brand, they are primarily ceramic coils with cotton wicking layers around the outside, very similar to CCell type coils. This coil type provides the most efficient wicking and surface area to vaporize delta-8 concentrates just the way we like it.

How is D8 Wax Different Than D8 Carts?

Just like carts, D8 wax can come in either a full spectrum extract or a distillate. The main difference between a delta 8 THC cartridge and wax is that you will have to find a way to atomize it yourself when using delta 8 THC wax.

Some of the most popular ways are:

Dab Rig- Basically, a bong with a quartz nail then heated very hot with a torch. You then take a tool and use it to drop the concentrate onto the hot nail while inhaling.

Wax Pen- More similar to a cart, but you will still manually load your concentrate onto the atomizer.

While both these methods are very popular and effective. The potential for error, sticky messes, and burnt spots we have seen says otherwise. If you are looking to try out Delta-8, we recommend keeping it simple and hassle-free with a D8 cartridge. Always look for brands that use independent third-party testing for quality on their concentrates.

Is Delta-8 THC Vape Juice the same as Delta-8 Cartridges?

Many popular e-liquid companies have released D8 vape juices especially formulated to work in the most popular nicotine vape devices. If you are currently a nicotine vaper, this can be a very convenient option for you to try out Delta-8 THC without having to purchase a new device or special atomizer.

While very similar to a cartridge experience, delta-8 vape juice is a much thinner consistency. Manufacturers thin the concentrate by using higher ratios of e-liquid bases like PG/VG. It needs to be lower viscosity to be vaporized adequately on a nicotine atomizer. Another significant difference is the addition of added flavor. Most delta-8 e-liquids come flavored with traditional e-liquid flavorings like watermelon, strawberry, and apple. If you are a fan of flavors or maybe just not a fan of natural hemp/cannabis flavors, we think you might really enjoy the vape juice experience.

Most atomizers in D8 cartridges have been created to handle the thicker viscosity, pure Delta-8 THC concentrates, using larger inlet holes and/or different ceramic coil technologies.

It is not recommended to attempt putting delta-8 concentrates into your nicotine atomizer unless formulated explicitly for e-liquid tanks. Trust us; you will have a bad time and never be able to get it out of your tank ever again.

While we think delta-8 vape juice is an excellent option for a vaper with an extra tank or two floating around to dedicate to d8. We keep gravitating to the cartridge experience and the convenience it brings! It is hard enough to remember to fill our nicotine vape tanks and bring some e-liquid. Adding another bottle to bring and a tank to fill seems like too much for most of us here.

Final Thoughts: Where to find Delta-8 THC Carts

There really is an option for everyone to enjoy Delta-8 THC! We think cartridges take a lot of the hassle out of enjoying D8 products. But suppose you already have the equipment for wax concentrates or nicotine vaporizers on hand. In that case, it might be as simple as just snagging some delta-8 wax or e-liquid. If you are new to all of this or want something with a bit less hassle, we highly recommend you pick up a delta-8 carts from Serene Tree and a basic 510 battery to get you started. Want the best Cannabis products? Check out our different products and see why we're the best rated online company out there and why our handmade wax/carts are perfect for you. Also available for Delta 8 carts wholesale for your shop.