Serene Tree Delta-8 THC Raw Flower

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Serene Tree Delta-8 THC Raw Flower

Serene Tree Delta-8 THC raw flower is organic, and some of the best quality flower in the industry. Serene Tree is proud that each jar of our organic, locally grown and processed (in sunny Southern California) contains our own unique strain of flower in each jar. Our Serene Tree strain of Delta 8 flower will give you the great experience you're looking for with the quality and price that you expect from one of the industries leading companies. If you're looking for some bud to smoke, try a jar or buy our bulk deals to have some fun with your friends. Thank you for trusting us with your Serene lifestyle, and welcome to our cannafamily. 

Serene Tree Delta-8 THC Raw Flower:

  • Serene Tree Organic Flower
  • Serene Tree Original Strain
  • Locally Grown
  • Locally Processed
  • Hand Packaged For Quality Assurance
  • Comes In Multiple Sizes: 3.5 Grams (1/8th), 7 Grams (1/4th Oz.) 28 grams (1 Oz.) & 1/4 Pound (114 Grams)
  • 1/4 Pound Option (114 Grams) Ships in 4 - 1 Oz. containers. 

Please note: due to State Laws at this time we are unable to sell Delta-8, Delta-9, or Delta-10 to the following states:
Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Utah, and Vermont If an order comes through from one of these states it will be canceled and your payment refunded.

FAQ About Serene Tree Flower:


What Strain is Serene Tree Flower?

  • This is our own strain and we are very proud of it. So we want to just call it: Serene Tree flower. Each batch is grown from our farm in sunny Southern California, is completely organic so no pesticides are used. No heavy metals, no low quality or sick plants, just high quality buds, hand grown, sprayed with water, and treated with love through the growing process by our farm Director and his team of cannaexperts that have generations of experience cultivating high quality cannabis. 

What Makes Serene Tree Delta 8 Flower the Best?

  • Each plant during the growing process has even been sung to as our team really love what they do and tend to sing happy songs around the plants (is that our secret recipe? Maybe, but it's not like our competitors would be willing to put that much work in to make happy plants even if they read this). We do everything in a small batch and pay attention to the tiniest details. So we hope that you enjoy your Serene Tree flower as we have the most loving growing process in the industry.

Is Serene Tree Delta 8 Flower Truly Organic?

  • Simply put, yes, yes it is. We do everything in small batches, no heavy metals, no pesticides, just very attentive cultivators that know how to take care of plants from start to finish. 

Are There Heavy Metals in Serene Tree Flower?

  • No, our flower does not contain detectable amounts of heavy metals.

Is Serene Tree Flower Indica or Sativa Strain?

  • Serene Tree Flower is Indica Dominant.

Wholesale Delta 8 Flower

If you're looking for wholesale delta 8 flower or maybe just trying to find a reputable, high quality company to stock your store shelves with the best delta 8 products, check out our delta 8 wholesale page. Fill out our 30 second contact form so we can have a dedicated account specialist contact you with more information and no MOQ.


  • 5
    d8 flower

    Posted by ricky on Mar 12th 2024

    enjoyable flower that smells great. it feels like an indica to me so it's perfect for relaxing

  • 5

    Posted by Lynn on Aug 14th 2023

    Wonderful, relaxing, beautiful buds. Thank you for such good quality!

  • 5
    Very nice relaxing smoke

    Posted by Steve on Jun 8th 2023

    A+++ Very enjoyable.

  • 5
    Delta 8 the raw flower

    Posted by Greg Kee on May 19th 2023

    Got a nice little buzz from it

  • 5
    really good stuff

    Posted by nunyabusiness on May 4th 2023

    I wish I knew what this is, but ST says it's their own unique strain and does not show any lab testing. To me, it reminds me a lot of Northern Lights. Has brownish hairs, sticky resin, and a very mellow euphoric effect.