Stiiizy Big Battery 550mAh

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The Stiiizy Big Battery

is the largest and most in chargeish vape battery that Stiiizy makes. With a massive 550mAh internal battery, this will go the distance and keep you vaping the night away. This product does not include a Stiiizy vape pod, find the Stiiizy pods sold here. This vape battery utilizes a draw to fire mechanism, so no worrying about pocket firing and comes complete with a fast charging cable for when you are leaving the house in twenty minutes with your friends and you forgot to charge the device before hand. More specs are featured below, we definitely reccomend getting this very reliable vape battery for your Stiiizy compatible pods.

Looking for the smaller original Stiiizy vape battery?

Stiiizy Biiig Vape Battery Specs:

  • 550mAh Internal Battery
  • Voltage: 3.4=\-0.1V
  • Fast USB Charging
  • Thiiic AF Fam


Package Contains:

  • Stiiizy Biiig Battery
  • USB Cable
  • Peace Of Mind For Those Lit AF Nights