Delta Extrax THCA Live Resin + Delta 9P Goliath Pods 2 Grams

Delta Extrax
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The Delta Extrax Goliath THCA live resin vape pods are now available. Each Goliath THCA pod is 2 grams in potency with a mixture of potent THCA live resin and an added dose of Delta 9P THC. Most pods these days are only 1 gram in potency however Delta Extrax felt like being a bunch of savages and made this incredibly potent 2 gram closed pod with some seriously amazing terpene profiles. Whether you're trying out the Green Queen, Melted Strawberries or Purple Swish strains, all of them are high quality vapeable pods that demand respect as you get the high you're looking for. If you're interested in further details of the Delta Extrax Goliath THCA pods, feel free to check out our details below. 

Goliath Pods Are Only Compatible With Goliath Vape Pen

Delta Extrax Goliath THCA Live Resin + Delta 9P 2-Gram Pod Details:

  • Closed Pod System
  • Flavor Profiles: Green Queen (Sativa), Melted Strawberries (Hybrid), & Purple Swish (Indica)
  • 2 Pods Per Pack
  • Product Contains: Live Resin, Delta 9P, THCA
  • Magentic Pod Connection
  • Only Compatible With Delta Extrax Goliath Device
  • Lab Tested
  • Rich Terpene Profiles